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Ruin /Cities

A visit to a new place, event or situation, recorded initially photographically becomes a trigger for a more imaginative play with expression and encounter. Memory and imagination combined with observation and emotion in a usually abstracted expression in which people come and go depending on the viewer’s perception. 

Ruins Reunite and Entrances

Looking back at earlier works, I decided to revisit and reinvent through imagination my earlier ideas. These had been exploring our earlier belief systems and cultural history through symbols and narrative.
Part of this is the development of other worlds, in memory and imagination, how they can become intermingled and some parts are enhanced.

The ‘Entrances’ are the way into this through in memory, the way into recollection. Ruins explore older, historic belief systems and the concept of revisiting the past through its symbols, a pillar, a temple an acropolis. This series began after my visit to some ancient sites in Crete and Greece.

City-Hum-2 City-series-entrances Meeeting-Place




(c) Myrel Morgan Jones, 2013